Christine Rieck-Sonntag
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Christine Rieck-Sonntag

Series: Pura Vida | Penthesilea | Orpheus & Eurydike | Birchlight | War | Pomerania | Bulgaria
Series: New York | Roses for Ilse | Hommage à Verlaine | Asphalt-Zebra | Europe à la Carte
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1941 - born in Zwickau/Germany, three children, studies in theology and pedagogic, studies in painting and drawing with Prof. Gottfried Bammes and Prof. Bernhard Heisig, Dresden, Prof. Ina Barfuß, Berlin
1996 - Certification of the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich
1993 - Project with Afro-British women in Brixton/London
2001/02 - "Children Meet Artists", Projects between Association of Professional Artists (BBK) and the Bavarian Ministry of Culture and Social Affaires
2003-05, 07-08 - lectureship Summer Academy Coburg
BBK (Association of Professional Artists in Germany),
GEDOK (Association of Professional Women in Arts, Germany)
1994 - German Art Award of the Volk/Raiffeisenbanks (regional prize Landshut)
1995 - Distinction Award of First Art Biennale Malta
1996 - Filmportrait (Jochen Richter) Television BR, 3sat
1999 - Award of the "Leipzig Book Fair"
2002 - Filmportrait (Marco Susiç)
2002 - Fellowship Art Centre "Bazato" / Slovenia
2004 - Fellowship Virginia Centre for the Creative Arts / USA
2006 - Fellowship Giambattista Bodoni Museum zu Berlin
2007 - Kürschner’s Lexikon of Visual Artists
2008/09 - Fellowship Julia and David White’s Artist Colony, Costa Rica
2010 - Konrad-Lutz-Award, Munich
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Christine Rieck-Sonntag, Portrait of a Painter
...made by movie maker Marco Susic. Music: Graham Waterhouse.

About the Artist

"Christine Rieck-Sonntag’s artistic career developed in a most explosive manner - although not audibly. Her palette became restrained and full of toning shades, unfolding thereby an orchestral refinement of nuances, lines and colours. Expressive movement and painting- techniques came together to form increasingly complex units. The existential exertion evidenced in her works is itself both compelled and compelling - it reveals a person who paints for their very life, all or nothing: an artist for whom art is not primarily aesthetic, but magic: the conjuration of and wrestling with the very depths of existence." Janna Miles, Landshut aktuell, Nov. 1991
"... Childhood and age are combined and contrasted. Sometimes an expressive brush outlines the forms of figures which suggest a child’s head or mother and child and which are rendered in a differentiated manner from the deliberately pale and faded portraits of the aged. Here, pastel blue and pink tones are used to sensitively describe the thin and limp yet not unappealing elder people’s bodies..." Süddeutsche Zeitung, 6.10.95
"... Both reflection and humour can be found in this artist’ highly personal visual expression..." Münchner Merkur, 7.3.96

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